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Fascia Blaster

Prime Day Kit!

Special Price: £443.97 £169.99
  • Mini 1™
  • Mini 2™
  • FaceBlaster™
  • FasciaBlaster ®
  • FasciaYoga Ball
  • Extenders

The biggest deal yet! Prime Day, only!

The FasciaBlaster is perfect for big areas and deep massage, the Mini1 and Mini 2 are great for massaging deeper into the tissue and the FaceBlaster, with its 3 tiny, dainty claws target more delicate areas

The unique shape of the Ashley Black FasciaYoga Ball allows you to stretch and condition in ways you cannot with a typical round exercise ball.  

The FasciaBlaster Extenders are your favorite Blaster Tools’ new best friend, adding almost 10 extra inches when using both handles.