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Fascia Blaster

Performance Kit

Special Price: £154.00 £69.99

I LOVE The Performance Kit for any athlete or anyone focused on their LEGS and FEET! The FasciaBlaster massages the myofascial tissue with ease, and the Mini 1 is amazing for inner thighs, IT Bands and for sure getting into all the fascia of the feet!

The Original FasciaBlaster has bigger ‘claws’ that can penetrate past the first layer of fascia and into the muscles! The fact that the FasciaBlaster DOES NOT ROLL is what lets it comb through and smooth out the fascia. The Mini 1 is perfect for travel or on the go. With one claw for blasting and one ‘nugget tip’ for performing trigger point therapy, you can dig into all the sore spots, stubborn dents, and crannies like on the feet. If you’re athletic or working toward it… the Performance Kit will be your new training partner! Amazing for smoothing from the inside- OUT!